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Introducing Buffalo Nickel Co.



"For the majority of my life, I’ve been captivated by americana, mostly that of the American west, in terms of both it’s history and it’s geography. In my opinion, nothing quite says American spirit like a buffalo roaming the plains, and in days gone by, this was all made tangible into the form of a currency—a nickel. The buffalo nickel is classic, simple, and rugged. All things that embody the line I walk and the lifestyle I’m about. This includes my design process.


To me, nothing beats working with your hands in this technology-rich age and I want that to translate into my branding and design work as a whole. So I draw. I measure. Some wise guy long ago (probably) once said “Foolish is he whose pencil burns out faster than his eraser”, which is good because I probably do more erasing than anything else. Then I’ll solidify a sketch via ink pen. Aside from inspirational purposes, not a single computer is used in this process, from the moment my pencil first touches the paper all down to the last line and dot".

Nick Stroia
Buffalo Nickel Co.